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“Thanks to a great partner and editor who took my ideas and crafted an incredible piece of work that is driving great reviews, sales, and business because of it. Simply put, I couldn’t have done it without you, Barbara.”
- Jon Petz, Boring Meetings Suck











Add Power to Your Pen with Expert Book Editing Services
Barbara McNichol

Writing a compelling “cornerstone” business book enhances your standing as an authority and builds a solid name for you in your field. Most important, your book can make a difference in the lives of those you touch.

As a high quality book editing service, Barbara McNichol Editorial adds power to your pen and credibility to your business. (See Book Editing Portfolio)

Working with Barbara McNichol and her team, you'll benefit from conscientious professional editing services that include:

6 Kinds of Projects for Precision Editing

3 Expert Editing Packages that Make Your Writing Life Easier

The Ultimate Editorial Package – where it all comes together

Barbara gratefully accepts editing projects from authors directly and referred by agents, publicists, publishers, designers, book consultants, and happy clients.

Find out how you can Add Power to Your Pen through Editing Services, Live Presentations, and Word Trippers.

“When I hired Barbara to edit my book, I didn’t count on the full measure of support I received. She was appropriately patient, impatient, humorous, and serious. She provided wise input and edited without losing my voice. In some parts, it sounded more like me than ME!
Rand Golletz, Consensus is Not Kumbaya: Lessons in Tough-Minded Leadership

“A successful author-friend told me the clearest sign of a
great editor is one who takes your book to the next level.
This is what Barbara McNichol does. From the moment you engage her services, you know you’ll gain more value than you ever could imagine. You’ll have gained a partner in your book's success.”
Award-winning author Larry Robertson, A Deliberate Pause

“Barbara has been invaluable in completing my best-
selling books.
More than a great editor, she takes my
projects from start to finish and surpasses all
expectations. A super professional, dedicated,
—lovely to work with.”
Robert Shemin, #3 New York Times best-selling



Add power to your pen with expert book editing services.

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